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No Selfies Allowed, Plus 10 More Passport Fun Facts

There’s no need to go to a photo shop or your local 24-hour pharmacy to get your passport photos made. You are allowed to take them at home. But don’t take a selfie — or at least don’t make it … Keep reading!


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Where in the World?

This Friday’s challenge is a photo of an unidentified place somewhere in the world. Can you tell us where the photo was taken? Leave your guess in the comments below — and check back on Tuesday to see if you … Keep reading!


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The Roman Guy: An Insider’s View of Italy

In 2008, Sean P. Finelli left behind his Wall Street career to move to Rome, where he soon became a popular tour guide with the nickname “the Roman guy.” Finelli decided to direct his passion for Rome into a new … Keep reading!


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Let the TripScout App Be Your City Guide

A recent business trip to South America left me with two unexpectedly free days in Buenos Aires. I welcomed the free time but was overwhelmed by the abundance of places to see and things to do in only two days. … Keep reading!


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Guess the Country

This week’s puzzle is a country shapes quiz! Take a look at the silhouette and below and tell us which country you think it is. Enter your guess in the comments below. You have until Monday, February 13, 2017, at … Keep reading!


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Costa Rica’s Hidden Treasures: A Q&A with Maricruz Pereira

Imagine Costa Rica, and you probably picture lush rain forests, smoking volcanos and exotic birds flitting through the trees. But while this image isn’t inaccurate, a local expert named Maricruz Pereira knows that there’s much more to this friendly Central … Keep reading!


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Airport Security Apps: Which One Works Best?

Before you head to the airport for a flight, it’s a wise idea to check how long you should expect to wait at the security checkpoint. Knowing this info ahead of time can help you decide if you should depart … Keep reading!


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Friday Word Scramble

This week’s puzzle is a word scramble. Below are the jumbled names of four major cities from around the world, followed by the country where they’re located. Your job is to unscramble them. For example, “IALM, EURP” would be “Lima, … Keep reading!


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Beam n Read: A Personal Reading Light for Travelers

Ever wanted to read in bed at a hotel without waking your spouse, or needed a little extra light while working on a crossword puzzle during a long flight? If so, you might like the Beam n Read. I tested … Keep reading!


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Airmule: New App Lets You Sell Your Luggage Space

Are you an expert in packing light? You could use a new app called Airmule to sell the extra space in your suitcase. You’ll be serving as a “mule” — or personal courier — for shipments arranged through the app.… Keep reading!




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